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Wheelchair Water Cushion

Premier Solutions wheelchair cushion combines foam and water for ultimate pressure relief providing an ergonomically correct position on any wheelchair, or standard chairs in the home or office for any person who has to sit down for long periods of time.

The cushion contains four sealed units which are made of high absorbent foam and water, these units are then surrounded with foam support and covered with a zipped elastic cover. The water always adapts to your body, avoiding pressure sores and offering more comfort.The cushion is kept in place by the slip-proof bottom.
A choice between the standard cover (washable at 65 C) and the incontinence cover (washable at 90 C) is available.

The cushion must be placed correctly in the chair. With the water cells facing up and back and with the foam base facing forward and the slip‐proof material is on the bottom facing the wheelchair when used on a wheelchair the foot supports and armrests may need to be adjusted if necessary so that the user’s legs are resting on the front edge of the pillow. This distributes the pressure to the entire cushion, thus reducing the pressure on the client’s posture .

Independent research has been carried out by our manufacturer, using the Rheinland Group, stating this cushion does reduce pressure sore's.

The cushion is available in the following sizes:  

40x40 cm

40x45 cm

40x50 cm

45x40 cm

45x45 cm

45x50 cm

50x45 cm

50x50 cm

All sizes - £350.00 + VAT & delivery

Maximum user weight 120 kg. 18 stone. If you wish to use any other size, please contact Premier Solutions.

The Wheelchair Water Cushion comes with a 2-year warranty (from the original date of purchase subject to the cushion was used as intended) against defective materials and manufacturing faults.