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Portable Sensory Room Trolley


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The Premier Portable Sensory Room is a mobile sensory solution designed to be wheeled through a standard door. The trolley can be wheeled into any dark room positioned against a wall, illuminating the opposing walls, floor and ceiling in a variety of effects.

The Sensory Trolley includes a complete audio system capable of playing your MP3 music. 

All of these LED sensory effects can be swivelled and tilted to direct the images, beams and tails.

The trolley is made of high-quality, furniture grade birch plywood with a secure steel frame housing the majority of the effects. This is a purpose-built trolley, designed and made by Premier Solutions to give a high quality, long lasting product that will quickly become a favourite by everyone.

Sensory Products

Fiesta Tube, Fibre-optic (Waterless bubble tube)

The tube measures 1.5m high by 100mm diameter and contains multiple fibre-optic flower heads that sparkle and change colour automatically when the tube is activated

UV-active Bamboo Fibre-optic Tail

A 2m long, UV-active “Bamboo” fibre-optic tail trails out of the side of the sensory trolley. These tails will be able to be run around to the front of the trolley and drape along the floor as they slowly twinkle and glow.

The Sensory Trolley also features a “wrap around hook” which allows the fibre optic tails to be safely wrapped around whilst the trolley is not in use, or in transit.

LED Colour Mixing Floodlight

This unit will provide a flood of selectable light directly onto any white walls of a room in a choice of colours. It will be possible to change the colour of an area of the room simply by operating the CM1 control panel installed on the end of the trolley, or by making a noise/playing music (which the built-in microphone in the CM1 will hear).

CM1 Colour-mixing Control

Mounted on the end of the sensory trolley a CM1 control is provided to allow you to select the various facilities of the colour-mixing floodlight. This simple control will allow you to select brilliance, colour, shades, programs etc. by simply rotating the appropriate dial.

premiersolutions.co.uk Sensory Trolly

UV Flood Light

This unit makes white or florescent articles glow in the dark. This fitting is mounted to allow you to angle the UV light up, down or straight ahead to ensure that UV items on the floor or in the room are correctly illuminated. Being LED, this fitting does not use the usual UV tube and does not require a safety cover.

Noise Activated Multi-Beam Effect

The noise activated multi-beam will produce 18 different colours through 18 different shapes, which will change each time the product hears a noise or will change in time with music. This product is particularly useful for encouraging speech as it is filtered to ignore screams and only responds to deeper "voice type" noises.

Solar LED Projector & 6 Inch Wheel Effect

This projector is fitted with a 6” wheel rotator which will accept any of our selection of 6” wheels.

A selection of the available wheels for this projector can be seen on our web site on:   http://www.premiersolutions.co.uk/detail.php?sid=4&id=9

Starry Sky Projector

This projector is to reproduce an image of a night sky with hundreds of tiny dots of light representing stars and a blue cloudy area representing the Milky Way. The stars and Milky Way will slowly move and twinkle and even has the occasional shooting star!

20cm Mirror Ball and 0.5 rpm Motor

This Mirror Ball will be illuminated by a directed beam from an LED Pin Spot and will produce multiple beams of white light. The motor selected for the mirror ball is very slow, only .5 rpm, to prevent dizziness.

LED Pin Spot

An LED Narrow-beam spotlight is installed on the top surface of the sensory trolley. This spotlight will project its beam up onto the mirror ball filling the room with hundreds of slowly rotating dots of light.

Sensory Switches

Two switches will be provided that can be plugged in at the six different connection points on the trolley to allow users to activate the effects themselves. If you happen to have any existing switches that you would like incorporated into the system, we will make every effort to allow them to work with the Trolley.

premiersolutions.co.uk  Sensory Trolly

Sensory Controlled 13A Socket

This socket can be used for sensory effects that you can bring in from other rooms that will not form part of the permanent trolley equipment. For example; you could bring in a desk fan or musical keyboard and plug it into the Sensory Trolley.

RTP8 Control Panel

A touch sensitive control panel is fitted at the end of the sensory trolley, enabling the carer to select any of the available sensory products

 Sound System and Loudspeakers

The Sensory Trolley is equipped with a full audio system featuring Bluetooth connectivity, USB, SD and CD playback, allowing music to be played from a variety of sources.

Storage Cupboard

A storage cupboard is built into the trolley to allow you to store any additional s

ensory items you may already have.


Price: £7495 + VAT (ex delivery)

 You can hire this product for a month to assess how efective it is in your environment.
The cost of the hire is deductable from the purchase price.
Please ask for details.