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Mobile Evacuation Plinth
Fire Escape Floor Mattress
This pad has been designed for the daily use of service users with limited mobility, but allows the safe and quick wheeling of the user in the event of a fire.
Tough Mattress
Made from a high quality PVC vinyl and lighter 28H foam, the mattress itself is held in position using a strong grade Velcro that is stitched into the plinth cover and mattress; this allows the mattress to be removed as and when required.
The mattress has been designed with stitched-in webbing handles on either end, giving the carer an easy position to pull or push the mattress from that is both hard wearing and out of the way of feet to prevent tripping.
Mobile Hoist Access
The height of the plinth has been designed to accomodate the feet of a mobile plinth to allow users to be easiler and safety put down and removed from the pad.
Two webbing straps are securely attached under the base of the plinth leaving 4 belts measuring 1200mm long, allowing plenty of room for securing the occupant during transit. Stitched into the webbing straps are opposing Velcro strips which are used for both the securing of the service user in the event of a fire and for holding the straps under the base, preventing tripping.
Caster Wheels
Six caster wheels are securely attached to the bottom of the base allowing the unit to be moved freely in any direction. Each corner wheel will be fitted with a break that will hold the mattress and plinth stationary.
Please note; for full operation it would be recommended that 2 carers are present to operate this Fire Escape Mattress.
Overall Finished Dimensions
1220(w) x 1800(l) x 270(h)mm
Please ensure these dimensions are fitting for the environment in which you intend to use this pad before ordering – these dimensions can be altered, but this may affect this price.
Mobile Evacuation Plinth: £699.00 + VAT
(Please ring for delivery costs)