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Green Screen Technology

Greenscreen Technology can be used to bring any subject to life and transport the user into a variety of environments from around the globe.

What is "Green Screen" Technology?
Green Screen technology is a method of using a video camera to capture a client or object and superimpose it on top of either a still or moving background. This can be recorded in real time so that when it is played back the client appears to be underwater or in the desert or riding a rollercoaster. This can be particularly useful for use with those with special needs, transporting them into circumstances that are difficult to experience in everyday life.

This picture shows a sensory adventure room set up with green screen at the Falsgrave Project, for Springhead School, Scarborough. The room is fitted with a portable stage with wheelchair access

At the rear of the stage is a grey area - this is the green screen reactive surface. With a projection screen facing the stage, the user can see themselves superimposed onto a background. An audio system can also be installed to give a soundtrack of their choice.

A number of pre-set backgrounds have been provided, but any background can be used that can be loaded onto the standard pc provided. For example, you could show a film of your favourite pop group and then join them on stage to sing with them. 

Green Screen Projection stage

Operation is simple!!
Scenes are selected by pressing one of the 8 colours on a mat situated at the front of the stage. Below are examples of green screen backgrounds, showing a member of our staff superimposed onto each.

Green Screen Egyptian background Green Screen Aquarium Green Screen Beach

Egypt - Standing in the desert with the sun beatng down

Soundtrack - Arabian Style Music

Aquarium - lying on the sea bed with fish swimming around

Soundtrack - Water and bubbles

Caribbean Beach - relaxing in the sun with the waves moving over the sand

Soundtrack - Waves breaking on the shore.

Green Screen Racetrack Green Screen Weather Map Green Screen Roller Coaster Background

Race Track - as the road drops away behind him and cars overtake him.

Soundtrack - Engine Noise

Weather Map - voices can be recorded along with the video to create your very own weather report.

Rollercoaster - an exciting rollercoaster ride that climbs and falls and loops the loop with a matching soundtrack.

Soundtrack - Rollercoaster

Anything that can be shown on a computer screen can be used as a background, and and sound stored on a computer can be used as the soundtrack, making this green screen system a unique building block for adventurous and imaginative learning.