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Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Special Needs and Sensory Equipment: Seclusion two seat settee for clients with violent or destrctive tendencies. This sette has no zips, internal fames or loose cushions.
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Seclusion Furniture

Seclusion furniture is designed for use in rooms where the client has challenging or severe behavioural problems.


This safety furniture is in common use in pupil referral units, detention centres, correctional institutions, young offenders centres and mental health establishments. These rooms are referred to with various descriptive terms e.g. Chill Out Room, De-escalation Room, Restraint Room, Quiet Room, Padded Room, Rumpus Room or Challenging. Seclusion Furniture can also be supplied and installed in sensory rooms or calming rooms, padded rooms or in any room suitable for relaxation. In some applications, seclusion furniture can be used in conjunction with floor and wall padding. For clients who do not have violent or destructive tendencies our range of standard Special Needs Furniture may also be of interest.

All of our Seculsion Furniture are finished in “easy clean” vinyl and tested to conform with BS5852 Part2 Source 5 “fire resistance” standards.

Seclusion Chairs & Settees
Specifically designed for use by clients with severe behavioural problems and unpredictable tendencies, the furniture has no inner wood or metal frames and therefore no hard surfaces. The seclusion furniture has no zips, cords nor sharp edges and is sewn as one "complete unit", preventing the client hiding objects in the chair.
The client's hands are visible and the low position and sloping armrests mean that clients cannot get up in a hurry. 


Special Needs Seclusion furniture sofa  and chairs

Price (ex VAT & Delivery):

Single Chair
D800mm x L850mm x H700mm
Two-seat Settee
D820mm x L1400mm x H700mm
Three-seat Settee
D800mm x L1880mm x H700mm
Special Needs De-escalation Sette and Chair

Foot Stool / Coffee Table
Designed to compliment the Seclusion Chairs and Seclusion Mattress, this useful stool/coffee table offers additional room furniture and comfort
without the provision of internal frames or external zips etc.
Made from high density foam filling with “easy-clean” vinyl covering.

Price (ex VAT & Delivery):
L780 x W390 x H240
400 dia x 250 high
Special Needs Demanding environment  chair foot stool coffee table
Seclusion Beds and Mattresses
Made to the same high standards and specifications as the other seclusion furniture, these useful seclusion beds and mattresses have no internal frames or external zips etc.
Designed to be used directly on the floor, seclusion beds have a depth of 450mm that offers an acceptable and comfortable sleeping position.

Available in a range of colours (colours shown - black and mid blue).
Single Matress Prices (ex VAT & Delivery):
Without Raised Pillow
90cm x 190cm x 20cm (WLD)
100mm Raised Pillow
90 cm x 190cm x 20cm (WLD)
(30cm at raised end)
Single Bed Prices (exVAT $ Delievery):
Without Raised Pillow
90 cm x 190cm x 45cm (WLD)
100mm Raised Pillow
90 cm x 190cm x 45cm (WDL)
(550mm high at raised end)
Also available in custom sizes. Please contact us for details.
Seclusion Mattress for demanding environments
Seclusion Mattress with pillow


Premier Solutions padding foam complies with the requirements of schedule 1, Part 1: The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (Amended 1989, 1993).
The PVC skin complies with the following British Standards: BS EN 71-2 2006, Clause 4.5 & 5.8, BS 5438: 1976: Method 2, BS 5438: 1989: Method 2a/ 2b, BS 5867: Part 2: 1980, Type B and BS 7837: 1996.
Phthalate and Latex free.

Please note that the purpose of seclusion furniture is to prevent injury to a client and carers due to impact. Whilst every effort is made to make the furniture as tough as possible, no Vinyl covering will withstand determined or deliberate destructive action. 

All prices are plus VAT
Custom sizes are available please contact us for details.
Please contact us for the carriage costs for your area.

Seclusion Furniture Colour Swatch Premier PVC Colour Swatch b


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