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Therapeutic Music

Premier Solutions offer a range of therapeutic music CD's that are particularly suitable for Hydrotherapy, Sensory rooms and Calming Rooms.

When used in Hydrotherapy environments the benefits of weightlessness in the water provides a client, with special needs, ease of movement and allows them to be given physiotherapy whilst in the warm water combined with tranquil music to aid and embrace the whole hydrotherapy treatment.

Relaxation will be enhanced with the ambient background music in a calming room or add to the sensory experience in a Special Needs Interactive sensory room

                                                                                     Therapeutic music CDs
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The Dolphins £9.99 inc vat
The enchanted world of the Dolphin; the freedom, the grandeur, comes alive in this collection of elegant original compositions. From solo piano to lush orchestral arrangements featuring percussion bass guitar and saxophone this emotive music blends perfectly with the sounds of the dolphin and of the ocean.
Track listings order code cd 3615
1. Melody of the Sea 2. Dancing with Tall ships 3. Dolphin Serenade 4. Voyage to Baja 5. Pacific Grace 6. Serenity Cove 7. Ballet
8. Whistle 9. Romancing The Waves 10. Celebration 11. Caverns of Atlantis 12. Mariner's Friend
 Sensory Music Echoes of the Andes
Echoes of the Andes £9.99 inc vat

A vibrant and exciting album of contemporary songs that will take you on a journey to the beautiful shores of Lake Titicaca where the Condor silently glides overhead in the clear blue skies.
The Diverse Nature of Andean music reflects the historical journey of the region from the Nazca and Inca Empires through to the Spanish conquest. Apart from native instrumentation such as the Siku (panpipe) and Kena (flute) there are obvious Hispanic influences, especially the charango (guitar), and less obvious African beats and rhythms.
Track listings cd 3663
1. Vuelo del condor - Flight of the Condor 2. Mi amor que salido - My love who left me 3. Venido al carnaval - Come to the carnival 4. Elel sol en la montana 5. Tamboresy pipas - Drums and pipes 6. Todo mundo baila - the whole world dance 7. El camino al paz - The road to peace. 8. Los Andes Hermosos - The beautiful Andes 9. Conquistador - Brave conqueror.

 Sensory Music Guitar Serenity  Guitar Serenity £9.99 inc vat
Visit your very own island paradise. Relax as the strings of Andy Marlow's guitar, accentuated by the sounds of the ocean welcome you to this island of tranquillity. A collection of some great classical masterpieces along with a few of his acclaimed compositions will leave you in a thoroughly relaxed and refreshed state.
Track listings cd 3655
1. Gymnopedie - Satie 2. Prelude and Allemande - de 'Visee 3. Spanish Song - Andy Marlow 4. Prelude - Bach 5. Cancion - Lauro
6. Spring Tide - Andy Marlow 7. Nimrod - Elgar 8. Gavotti - Scarlatti 9. Eclipse - Andy Marlow 10. Winter - Vivaldi 11.Night Dance - Andy Marlow 12. Largo-Dvorak 13. Canon - Pachlebel 14. Song -Andy Marlow

 Sensory Music World Beat  World Beat £9.99 inc vat
When it comes to world music this album is as good as it gets. A compilation of the best tracks from Global Journey's much acclaimed collection of world music titles. From China to Ireland and from the Didjeridoo to the Steel Drum this journey of ethnic diversity encompasses a kaleidoscope of cultures, styles and traditions.
Track listings cd 3653
1. African - voices of Africa 2. Chinese - Feng shui 3. Aboriginal - Ulura 4. Irish - Exodus 5. French - En Provence 6. Caribbean - Caribbean Steel Drums 7. Native American - Ghost Dancers 8. Egyptian - Egypt 9. Indian - Spirit of India 10. Scottish - Highland Memories 11. Latin American - Latino
 Sensory Music Pilates

 Pilates Lifestyle £9.99 inc vat
This exercise technique was originally practised by ballet dancers as a stretching and warming-up discipline. The main results include lengthening and strengthening of muscles by a series of slow controlled movements. This is ideal for keeping fit, relieving stress, mobility and for people with bad backs.

No track listings cd4514

 Sensory Music Tai Chi

 Tai Chi lifestyle £9.99 inc vat
Tai Chi Chuan is both a martial art and spiritual discipline. Its movements are slow and meditative, yet have an unseen internal strength. It is this combination of soft and hard, or Yin and Yang, which generates the great rewards of improved health and fitness physically, mentally and spiritually.

No track listings cd4503

 Sensory Music Colour Therapy

 Colour Therapy Lifestyle £9.99 inc vat
he ancient Egyptian, Greek and Native American Indian healers amongst the first to recognise the advantages of colour therapy. The Egyptians prescribed medicines according to the colour associated wit the patients illness. They would assign red ingredients for blood disorders, white ingredients for anaemia and yellow ingredients for jaundice. Through the generations the use of colour therapy has become more refined and today more people than more people than ever are benefiting psychologically and emotionally from the properties

No tracklistings cd 4513

Sensory Music Papillon Papillon £9.99 inc vat
Imagine you are sitting in a summer meadow alight with a multitude of spectacular butterflies each more resplendent than the next, an amazing kaleidoscope of breathtaking colours. This feel-good album of beautiful, relaxing music acclaims the beauty of the Butterfly and provides an hour long escape to serenity.
Track listings cd3659
1. Through the Meadow 2. Tranquil Garden 3. Springtime 4. La paix de la forét 5. Dreaming 6. Forget Me Not 7. The River 8. The Woodlands Awake

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