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Interactive Sensory Surface
The 'Sensory Surface' is an interactive floor projection system, providing a wealth of interactive experience for all individuals regardless of their age or abilities.

Premier Solutions supply and install interactive sensory surfaces, including:
  • Interactive Walls - using a high quality video camera, the user of the system is projected amongst the theme.
  • Interactive Ceiling - similar to the wall projection, a short-throw projector is used to project the image on the ceiling. This system is idea for users with limited mobility.
  • Interactive Floor - a projector is mounted overhead projecting onto the floor. The projector and movement sensor is mounted overhead at the maximum height available to allow a projected area of 2.5m x 2m. This area will be covered with a special durable white PVC floor covering to optimize the image. If desired, additional projectors can be added to this system to allow the changes of the interactive floor surface to be reproduced on the walls (for visual purposes only).
This system offers a new immersive world of interactive experiences and possibilities, creating dynamic, sensory rich environments which can be embraced by all, stimulating or indeed relaxing users as they learn, create and explore.
The system opens a world of possibilities for all who use it; designed for variety of ares including; education, physical and social/rehabilitation purposes. The system encourages movement with either visual or audio reward or indeed both, proving a worthwhile tool for teachers and therapists wanting people to reach or move in certain ways and to assess cognitive understanding, memory skills, using cause and effect. Removing the need for switches and wires and allowing for the smallest of movements the system is a fully inclusive piece of equipment with no barrier to physical ability.

The themes can be adapted to be appropriate for any age and level of learning and fully support curriculum or therapeutic requirements. With its various and ever growing themes the system will enable teachers and support workers to encourage students who may have been reluctant or unable to learn through conventional methods to enter into a world of interaction, independently and through resources that will both interest and motivate.
The Sensory Surface environment can be installed in any suitable room, including a Sensory rooms, school halls, calming room etc.
What the Installation Includes
High Specification PC
We provide a PC at a high specification to allow for furture expension.This also includes a handheld bluetooth/mouse combination for controling the PC. Should you have any specific PC requirements (eg rack mounted), just let us know.
As all rooms differ in size and shape, choosing the correct projector is key to ensure your room is provided with the optimum system for a large, bright projection. At Premier Solutions we use our wealth of experience to choose the right projector for you.
Projection Floor Surface (Floor Projection Only)
A vinyl projection floor surface is provided to give a pure white floor area to project on, ensuring the birghtest, most visible image possible.
We use high quality IR cameras to pick up and locate movement within the projectors. We also supply high qality video camera to capture the user of the projection in real time. This is then overlaid into the projection to really immerse them into the theme (ceiling &wall projection only).
Configuration & Training
Configuration and 2 training sessions are included in the price, run by our trained experts. They will take you through the system step by step answering any questions you have, make sur eyou get the most out of the Sensory Surface.
The Sensory Surface includes 6 Themes: Water, Splat, Scatter, Shatter, Wipe and Sound Surface:
The Scatter Theme enables you to have images partially or completely covering an underlying background, or looped backgrounds that will “scatter” away on interaction, revealing the picture. This theme is great for cause and effect, listening and speaking, hand and eye coordination, team work and encouragement of movement.
Images will shatter into tiles upon interaction – a very visual Theme that is also great when used in conjunction with the appropriate sounds, giving auditory stimulation and feedback.
Images float around and will splat on contact. Good for speaking and listening, cause and effect, mathematics and PE skills etc.
The Water Theme can give the sense of being out on a rainy day, splashing in puddles, or throwing stones in a pond, watching the water rippling. A very therapeutic Theme that is also great for encouraging physical activity and looking and listening skills.
Wipe Theme allows any picture to be disguised by a mosaic, blacked out completely or put into grey scale. The image can then be revealed (wiped) by the wave of a hand, arm, foot or head, by walking over it or rolling on it. Ideal for speaking and listening skills, motivation, picture matching etc.
Sound Surface 
The Sound Surface Theme turns an image into a fully interactive auditory experience. Attach sounds to different images within your main picture for instant cause and effect; excellent for speaking and listening skills.
Key Features
The Sensory Surface can benefit all in Education and the Therapeutic field. Below are some of the key features:
  • Will react to the slightest movement enabling users to control and interact.
  • Ideal for sequencing, visual mapping and memory development.
  • Engages the visual and auditory senses, perfect for stimulating spatial awareness and fine motor skill development.
  • Sensory Surface can be controlled by light enabling users with very little movement to interact simply by pointing a torch at the floor surface.
  • The system supports a huge number of educational activities tailored to meet the needs of the individuals.
  • Sensory Surface removes traditional barriers to achievement; all users are able to participate on equal terms supporting solo and group interaction and providing independence.

Sound effects and configuration files made to client's request can be accessed via the internet (internet connection no supplied). This facility is free in the first year with a small charge per year thereafter. You may purchase additional themes at any time and bespoke themes can be written specifically for your applications.
Additional Option
Directional Sound Loudspeakers
Directional loudspeakers can be installed in the interactive floor area and connected to the interactive floor system computer. With directional sound, your target client can hear exactly what you want, exactly where you want them to. Designed to target a specific area, HyperSonic Sound technology (HSS) uses a tightly focused directional beam of sound that is heard only by those in the selected area.

The high-precision targeting of HSS significantly minimizes the levels of noise pollution in both open and confined spaces and anywhere else ambient noise is an issue. HSS also ensures that your intended clients receive the sound or messages conveyed through the system clearly and intelligibly.
The HSS Advantage:
  • Highly Directional
  • Ultimate Control In Audio Placement
  • Minimizes Noise Pollution
  • Compact Form Factor
The directional speakers can be used to point directly at a client or can be used to bounce the audio signal off a hard surface to draw attention to a specific object.