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Hearing Loop Systems

Over 10% of the population are deaf or have a hearing impairment.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act, anyone offering goods, facilities or services to the general public must make ‘reasonable’ adjustments to ensure they do not discriminate against such people. One of the easiest ways to meet this requirement is to have a Premier Solutions portable induction loop system. available and ready for use at all times or a permanently installed Hearing Loop System for people with special needs.

Hearing Loop Systems
There are two types of hearing loop system. The first is a "conference system". This allows anyone with a hearing aid to hear what other people are saying in the same room and uses a pick-up microphone to collect what is being said and transmit it though the hearing loop.

The second type of hearing loop system is the "theatre system". This system is used where you only want the client to hear what is being transmitted through the room's loudspeakers. This concentrates the attention on a public speaker or a performance and does not amplify the voices of the people in the audience.

When a person wearing a hearing aid. Comes into a room, with a hearing loop installed, they switch their hearing aid to "T". Once inside the loop, their hearing aid picks up the audio signal broadcast and plays it directly and clearly into the ear of the person .

Whilst it is possible to install a Premier Solutions Hearing Loop System after a building is built, it is far easier (and cheaper) to run and hide the cables if it is done before the plaster is applied to the walls. The cable can simply be tacked to the walls and covered with a plastic capping, which can then be plastered over. Making it completely invisible

Hearing Loop Amplifier
A Hearing Loop Amplifier is installed. This amplifier will be directly connected to the audio mixer, and will reproduce anything either picked-up from the hearing loop microphone or broadcast over the room's loudspeakers . These amplifiers have been used successfully in many hearing loop applications and have proven to be reliable with excellent sound reproduction. Once set by our engineers, there will be no need for you to adjust this amplifier and it can be made to switch "on" and "off" with the rest of the room's audio system if desired.

Hearing Loop Cable
Premier Solutions hearing loop cable is installed around the walls of the room, at approximately top-of-door level. This cable can be clipped to the walls and covered with a plastic capping, to enable it to be easily plastered over, if required.

Portable Loop System

Portable Hearing Loop Portable Hearing Loop in use

Premier solutions portable loop system is a truly portable and extremely durable audio frequency induction loop system, packed full of features and available at a very competitive price. Fully compliant with BS7594 and EN60118-4, it is ideal for use in special needs and main stream schools, shops, nursing homes, leisure centres, hotels, banks, GP surgeries, reception desks and many other private, public and civic applications.
• Ready for use in seconds
• Excellent sound quality
• Free-standing lightweight design - ideal for counter, table or desktop use
• Simple one button operation
• Generates a loop listening field of approx. 1.2 square metres
• Limited horizontal throw of loop field helps maintain privacy in applications where confidentiality is essential (i.e. banks, meeting rooms, police stations, etc)
• Integral high performance microphone accommodates different operator voice levels
• Plug-top charger included in all kits (amplifier charges fully overnight).
• Five years expected battery life under normal operating/charging conditions
• Integral cut-off timer (settable to 10, 30 or 60 minutes) helps prevent inadvertent battery discharge
• Remote input socket for optional tie/desk microphone.
• Indicators provided for power on, input level, charging required and charging in progress
• PL1/K1 kit includes PL1 amplifier, plug top charger, ‘AFILS available’ sticker and durable cardboard storage/carry case

Price £130.00 inc vat plus delivery charge